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Transform Your Digital Presence with Expert Website Design and Strategic Lead Generation

J&K Online Development specializes in crafting affordable, innovative, and transparent web design and digital marketing solutions tailored for small businesses and startups.


Our mission is to democratize digital presence, enabling entrepreneurs to effectively navigate the digital landscape while enhancing customer engagement.


Through a combination of expert web design, strategic digital marketing, and dedicated customer experience enhancements, we empower business owners to achieve a robust online presence.


By integrating the latest trends in data privacy, personalized service, and the essential human touch in digital interactions, J&K Online Development stands as a pioneering customer experience agency committed to driving growth and fostering memorable digital interactions for every client.

I help badass entrepreneurs perfect their online presence

To put it simply

...turning their websites from static pages into dynamic customer magnets. Imagine your website not just as a digital business card but as a bustling marketplace, alive with interaction, engagement, and conversion. Through a mix of storytelling, strategy, and SEO, we unlock the potential of your brand, ensuring your voice not only reaches but resonates with your ideal audience. Let's transform your site into the heart of your digital ecosystem, where every click brings you closer to your dreams.

Boost your business with

Quickfire Quarters

After 4 years of working with business owners specifically in marketing, I have realized one thing is common: entrepreneurs excel when given structure. So, here I present you with 31 page e-book filled with information, planning templates, step by step instructions and tips I learned from helping businesses create a website and start their SEO Journey. 

It not only dives deep into On-Page and Off-Page SEO but I also teach you my planning Method Quickfire Quarters. I wrote this e-book to help break down different SEO tactics for easy learning and practical application, setting it apart from any SEO guides I've seen.

Fill out the form to get this e-book delivered directly to your email or click learn more about Quickfire Quarters Planner to...well learn more about the Planner. 

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my ethos

J&K Online Development empowers businesses with the knowledge, tools and full service marketing options to business owners who are looking to market their brand confidently, ensuring you attract quality leads and foster genuine connections with your audience. To be the catalyst for a digital marketing revolution where businesses can harness storytelling and strategic lead funnels to create lasting, impactful brands. 

I place high value on honesty and transparency within my relationships with my clients with realistic timelines and deliverables, I try to be the consistency my entrepreneur clients need to run an effective brand. Inspired by the principle of "First, do no harm", I am to educate and empower my clients, providing them with the knowledge and tools they need to succeed. 

My commitment to ethical marketing practices is unwavering and I only work with people who are providing quality servies and products. 

Kasi, Principal of J&K Online Development

Transform Your Business with the
Power of a Digital Presence Overhaul 

My overhaul package is the culmination of four years dedicated to working alongside business owners just like you. This package is for people who are eager to cultivate a community around their deepest passions as well as attaining a fulfilling life whatever that looks like. 

My mission is to enhance your brand's visibility, solidify your authentic voice, and establish you as an industry authority by creatin a digital empire that goes beyond a website with a contact form. I use data analysis to craft thoughtful marketing plans, creating more opportunities for you to share your passion with a wider audience. 

We will start with some goal work, move to defining your customers and sales stages to be able to create a new website or revise a current website ensuring that you have a website and sales funnel that is working for you while you do what you do best, take care of your clients or customers. 

Included in this package:

  1. Customer Journey Map + Customer Journey Report​

  2. Brand Mood Board with Buyer Persona Development

  3. New Website Creation or Revision of Website (SEO Optimized)

  4. LeadPages or Landing Pages with Integrated Sales Funnels

  5. Email Drip Campaign Set Up

Are you tired of not converting leads?  

Fill out the form to get more information about my most popular package for businesses who are ready to get their brand organized and start creating a community around your business. 

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Dive into the heart of digital growth with our blog. Here, we unravel the mysteries of SEO, share the latest trends in web design, and offer actionable advice to transform your online presence. From success stories that inspire to tips that ignite action, our blog is a treasure trove for entrepreneurs eager to elevate their brand. Join us on this journey of discovery and empowerment. Let's turn your vision into reality, one post at a time.

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