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There is no 4th place on Google....imagine what your monthly revenue would look like on the first 3 places on Google. 

I made a completely 100% FREE course about How to Optimize your Google My Business Listings. I will take you step by step on exactly how to set up your Google My Business to get you on the very first spot when someone searches for your service in a local query. 

There are templates, examples, fool proof steps, and more free tools through out this course. 

Watch how I will create a Google My Business for my clients, starting from zero to 2k in a month. You will learn how to:


  • Find keywords to sprinkle into your GMB and GMB posts

  • Create a posting schedule that will get customers attention

  • Get in the first spot on Google Maps with search Queries that have "... near me" in them

  • Take advantage of this 100% FREE marketing tool 

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"I really can not afford to drop a couple of thousands of dollars on a website right now."

You and every other Small Business Owner that is trying to get their dream off the ground. We have affordable website services for any business during any stage of their development. I have talked to so many people who held off on starting their business because they didn't have the funds to start a website. We can make you a simple but beautiful website to start increasing your digital appearance starting at only $750.00 OR maybe you chose a more elaborate website and sign up for our payment plan to make the payments more manageable. 

Our prices are lower because we are smaller, more intimate web design company full of people dedicated to helping Small Business Owners without draining their wallets. We are an affordable web design company that you can trust. No hidden fees or long term contracts. 


Free information about keeping your website up to date.

"My website used to get tons of website views but I get half of what I used to. What did I do wrong?

You need to constantly update your website based on the Search Engine Result Page Algorithm updates. Google has updated their algorithm 4 times in the past year and 90% of website have been effected drastically. You must update your website with each SERP update. 

As a Small Business Owner, it is difficult to keep track of everything. I am here to help you. Sign up for my newsletter and I will send you an email every time any Search Engine Results Page (Google, Yahoo...etc) algorithm updates so you can make sure your website never dips in website views again.

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"I really like my competition's website better and they are always ranking over me."

It's always greener on the other side, ain't it? Well I'm here to help you get over to the green side and out compete everyone in your area. The first step is to get a competition website report on everyone you are directly competing for, then we will sit down and discuss what you love and what you don't love about your competition website. We can update your website's design and make sure that your keywords will rank over theirs. This is called the Copy Cat Method.


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My client below was experiencing the same problem and now he is far surpassing their competition. They started getting 3-5 leads a day at around month 2 after the update.

Google My Business tips

Google Maps is the most used navigation app today. Make sure you follow these steps to improve your chance of being seen by paying customers driving around the corner.

Website Audit

90% of websites will fail the new Google algorithm update and see a dramatic decrease in their sales. Will you?

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