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For many Internet users, buying a new product or service start with a search in the good ole Google machine. Did you know that over 46% of product searches started in Google in 2020? As more people are on there phones or sitting at home because of COVID, can you imagine how many people are looking for your services but aren't finding you. 

I'm sure you are saying, "I don't have a website and I'm doing just fine". I hear this all the time, and if you are not wanting your business to grow. I understand, my services aren't for you. However, if you are wanting to grow with this digital world we live in, then you need to jump on the band wagon. Today, organic search drives more than 50 percent of all website traffic. For reference, paid searches only drive 10% and social media is credited a whopping 5%.


No matter how much you invest in digital marketing, you want to see a ROI. In comparision to other digital marketing strategies, SEO delivers results over time and requires continuous investment due to Search Engine Results Pages constantly changing their algorithm. Google updates their SERP at least 500 to 600 times a year.


Organic traffic, however can capture more than 40 percent of your company's revenue.

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