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Cowboy Diesel

Cowboy Diesel

Automotive Repair

Project start

Dec 1, 2020

Modern meets classic in the heart of Texas – Cowboy Diesel is revving up the auto repair game.

Project end

Feb 1, 2021

Automotive Repair

Authentic, Innovative, Community-focused, Resilient

My first foray into website design began with an exciting challenge from Cowboy Diesel, a standout mechanic shop uniquely led by women in Mineral Wells, Texas. As the world slowed down during the COVID pandemic, my creative drive sped up, leading me to design a website that truly resonates with the shop's blend of rustic charm and modern efficiency. Launched in December 2020, the site not only showcases Cowboy Diesel's commitment to top-notch diesel repair services but also celebrates its roots with a design that echoes the old-school cowboy ethos infused with contemporary touches.

The website features rich, earthy colors that evoke the rugged Texas landscape, alongside sleek, user-friendly interfaces that make online navigation as smooth as a ride on a well-oiled machine. I included interactive elements like a service booking system and a dynamic feedback section to enhance customer interaction and satisfaction. The homepage greets visitors with a bold statement of reliability and expertise, backed by testimonials that highlight the community's trust in their mechanical prowess.

Over the past four years, as I've managed and updated the website, Cowboy Diesel has grown significantly—moving to a bigger facility and expanding their services. Each update reflects this growth, with added features and refined content that continue to draw in customers and build the shop's reputation. The creative freedom I was given has not only been instrumental in shaping my design approach but also in cementing Cowboy Diesel's online presence as robust and welcoming.

As Cowboy Diesel continues to thrive, the website remains a vital tool in their business strategy, attracting new customers while staying true to the heart of Texas grit and hospitality. It's a project that I look back on with pride, as it set the stage for my career and helped a deserving business reach new heights.

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