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Grain Cleaner OH

Grain Cleaner OH

Agricultural Equipment Sales

Project start

Nov 27, 2021

GrainCleaner: Pioneering grain cleaning technology with simplicity and efficiency.

Project end

Jan 2, 2021

Agricultural Equipment Sales

Innovative, Traditional, Reliable, User-friendly

Working with GrainCleaner, an Ohio-based Amish family business, has been a rewarding journey that started in October 2021.

Recognizing the need to modernize their online presence, they sought expertise through the Wix marketplace, leading to our fruitful collaboration. Initially tasked with updating their outdated website, our primary goal was to enhance user accessibility and implement foundational SEO strategies to boost their visibility online.The project unfolded over two meticulous months, during which we completely overhauled their website. The transformation not only modernized the user experience but also laid the groundwork for a robust SEO framework that catapulted their visibility in search engine results.

My appreciation for GrainCleaner's trust and openness to this digital transition cannot be overstated. Their willingness to embrace these necessary changes made our collaboration a model of mutual respect and shared goals.

GrainCleaner’s commitment to improving their digital tools didn’t stop after the initial project completion. They returned within a year seeking an on-page SEO touch-up, and again a few months later for another round of SEO enhancements. Their proactive approach to maintaining and updating their SEO and website functionality speaks volumes about their dedication to excellence and customer satisfaction.

Recognizing the challenges they faced with SEO terminology and practices, I created the SEO Jargon Guide specifically for them. This tool has been instrumental in helping them—and other clients—navigate the complexities of SEO more confidently. Currently, we are engaged in running heatmap analyses to further refine and optimize their website, identifying user engagement bottlenecks and enhancing the overall customer journey.

The continued trust and partnership with GrainCleaner have been immensely gratifying. It's a testament to the power of collaborative growth and the rewards of a steadfast commitment to continuous improvement.

As we move forward, I remain excited to support GrainCleaner in their journey, ensuring that their digital presence is as innovative and effective as the top-quality grain cleaners they proudly offer.

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