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DIY Search Engine Optimization

Tired of your site constantly looking like a "nice to have" as opposed to a "must have"?

Are you frustrated with the amount of time it takes to keep up?

You’re not alone. 

Search engine optimization is the best way to make sure your website is at the top of Google's organic search listings. As Google has gotten smarter and smarter, trying to stay one step ahead of it has become a full-time job. It’s just not possible if you want to do other things in life.

Over the last five years, we’ve built up an incredible knowledge base of how to rank websites. As a result, we designed a platform that enables any business looking to promote their services or products online to get there fast and easy – with no guess work. 

With J&K Online Development, you’ll receive a monthly prioritized action list. The actions are simple and will be based on the resources required to achieve your position. If the month requires more time than you have available, choose our add-ons and we'll take care of everything else for you. 

The SEO DIY process takes a straightforward approach to ranking your website on top of Google's organic search listings...

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The platform itself will help you - with step-by-step instructions - to create an SEO strategy for your website that will identify the best keyword and content opportunities, based on your industry, top competitors and the questions your customers are asking.

Once you've built the SEO strategy, you'll then receive a free video review from one of our SEO team. In this video, we will run through the strategy you've created, providing feedback and priority next steps.

Then, say how much time you can spend on your SEO and the software will give you tailored, bespoke and easy-to-follow monthly SEO actions to improve your SEO rankings. These can be completed by anyone in your business; no need for any previous SEO experience.

Affordable SEO solutions made specifically for small businesses who want to improve their Google rankings.
A do-it-yourself platform that guides you through what actions to take every month, tailored specifically for your website and industry.
Free SEO strategy review video from an SEO expert.
Don't have time to do the SEO in-house? Our fulfillment add-ons (Done-With-You and Done-For-You) will support you every month with completing your SEO actions.
Up-skill your team members in SEO via the free SEO Academy. The courses cover every important area of SEO best practices.
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