Google My Business Optimization

Are you having a hard time getting people into your store? Your Google My Business might need to be updated to be completely optimized. This is one of the biggest struggles for many small business owners that I have worked with. 

Google offers a free listing for all business owners. They make it so easy for small business owners to get more viewing action but so many people don't know how to optimize their GMB to get all those views.


Google listings is exactly like the ribbon ceremony at the Olympics. There is a Gold, Silver and Bronze. If you aren't in the Top 3 listings on Google, you will have a hard time being seen. Of course some people go to their maps and can see more than 3. We want a trophy though!


Follow along this course to completely optimize your Google My Business so you are on the first listing for "your niche" + near me. This course can be taken at your time frame. You can just get your Google Optimized in one day or you can spread it out over a few days. We are all busy business owners. No judgement here.

What you will learn:

This course is FREE for a lifetime, you can go back to it whenever you need to!

How to add your business to Google My Business (Google Maps), step by step in 2021

Advanced Marketing tips that your competition does not know about 

Bonus tips on how to rank even higher and blow your competition out of the 1st place

How to correctly fill out any product and services with my personal fool proof method I have cultivated over my years.

How to take advantage of the FREE resources Google provides all business owners that no one knows about.

By signing up, you will get FREE 7 day pass to my favorite keyword research tool and I'll teach you how to use it.

Requirements for this course:

1. You must own a business.

2. You want to see that business grow and ultimately gain more monthly revenue.

3. You are ready to get flooded with calls to your business after you complete this course.


This is the exact method that I use for each of my clients when I am onboarding them into my SEO monthly strategy!


I will walk you through my process step by step with two different business types: a brick and mortar (Yoga Studio) and a field service based company (Hydra Builders, roofing company). Every business is different but setting up any GMB is the same based on these business types. 

This course is completely self paced and available for your lifetime to check back on if you notice a dip in your views. We all know that Google changes there algorithm faster than Texas' weather so I will constantly keep this course updated. You will have the best practices of a Search Engine Optimization Specialist at your finger tips.

Now this course is extensive so I broke it down step by step for you so you don't get too overwhelmed. I implore you to stick with it and trust the process. Once your GMB is completely optimized, you won't even have to think about it. 

Google considers many different features in their Google listings, this FREE source of revenue is just waiting for you to take advantage. I will show you all the ways that Google will be looking at your business to rank you over the rest, including but not limited to: 

  • Which categories work best for what niches

  • How to fill out your service page to get all that free organic searches paying customers are looking for right now

  • How to sell your products directly onto Google

  • Posting on GMB and why it's important

Hi, my name is Kasi and I am the CEO of J&K Online Development. My vision for this business is to provide as many resources as possible to small business owners. I shop exclusively small business and I designed my business to be a small business information advocate. 

I designed this completely FREE course to help business owners make the most out of this free listing that Google provides. Setting up a Google My Business takes a lot of time and bandwidth from owners. Most aren't able to dedicate the time to search for better ways to improve their visibility. That's where I step in. 

My whole goal is to make sure that your business is as visible as possible and this free course is your first step in the right direction. 

I understand that hiring my business to manage your website and GMB can be quite expensive. Some business owners can allocate their time, rather than their money. This course is perfect for all my DIY business owners. 

Take this course as fast or as slow as you want but make sure you complete each step before moving on. This course was designed to walk you through setting up your own GMB in real time. 

Kasi Drummer