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How to use Google My Business to get more customers.

To really utilize all of the benefits of GMB, you will need to optimize it. I am launching my FREE Google my Business with all of my fool proof methods to get more customers.

Google has tons of free marketing tools for business owners to increase their ROI and increase their digital footprint to ultimately bring more paying customer to your front door (or website).


Google My Business is one of those free tools and one that is not being utilized by more business owners. Most business owners understand that they have a certain bandwidth that they need to allocate towards actions and steps to increase their business. Optimizing your Google My Business should be one of those things.

Luckily for you, I have a completely free Google My Business Optimize Course that you can sign up for right now! I walk you through step by step from a completely new Google My Business to a completely optimizing GMB that will have over thousands of views within the first month or two.


FREE Google Listings Course

I am a Google Search Engine Optimization Specialist and I am telling you, you NEED to utilize this free course and this free marketing tool. This tool will bring you local traffic if you are a brick and mortar or if you are a service based business that travels to your customers.

Don’t believe me? That’s totally fine, who I am anyways? Why should you care about optimizing your Google My Business?

Here’s a list of 12 Reasons why you should have a Google My Business:

1.  Your business will show up on Google Maps

Every business should aim to be on any Maps that are available to your customers. A lot of people use Google Maps to find local companies. Not only that but if they are looking for a specific product that you sell, your GMB listings will show up because that keyword is included within your post.


This will allow such easy access to your customers that you are wasting if you are not on Google.

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2.  Appear in Google Search

Let’s imagine that someone isn’t on the road trying to find a business to purchase something. Imagine some that is just in the discovery mode of trying to find a specific service.


Free Tip: You will need to have your service and products completely filled out with specific keywords that are searched often.

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For Example:

One of my client’s is a diesel repair shop and they are really trying to push their performance parts and services so they fill out on their GMB that they work with a specific part from Sinister Performance parts. Let’s say John is noticing that his F350 is having a harder time pulling his trailer and he is a BIG fan of Sinister products and he was planning on purchasing the part and doing the labor himself.


John will type into Google a specific Sinister performance product and Cowboy Diesel’s GMB comes up because in their performance service I had included the work “Sinister performance parts”. John is thinking “Oh man, I could just bring my truck up to this local shop and they can improve my performance”.


John will then deep dive and also see that Cowboy Diesel posted about how they use Sinister Products. There are layers to Google and it’s important to learn how to take advantage of this free product.

3. Google Reviews

Who hasn’t gone to a restaurant or store because the business has no reviews?? I have done that. These could have been completely new businesses or really great businesses that just don’t focus on getting reviews.

You need to ask for reviews from each and every single customer!

Google will use ratings to rank your GMB as well. I am not going to get into that part, I have another article about reviews and how to go about asking for reviews that will not only benefit your customers and yourself.

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4. Free Advertising

Google My Business is a huge FREE local advertisements. You will not find that in many platforms like Yahoo or Yelp. GMB does not require a single cent from you to get onto their platform, they also give you $100 credit for a Google Ad.


You can connect everything onto Google, including:

·   Displaying your website

·   Taking online Appointments for FREE

·   Connect your Social Media

·   Talk about your business and your brand

·   Post regularly to talk about your business that will also lead to free searches

·   You can even sell your products on Google!

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5. Free Statistics

GMB provides you completely free insights within its platform. They will tell you all kinds of insights that could potentially be incredibly valuable to increasing your ROI.


Insights include:

·   Views

·   Calls

·   Map views

·   Searches

·   Views on posts and pictures

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6.  You can update your information

Have you changed your website, phone number or even your location. What a great place to add that information. Google does take a while to be able to verify any changes and I do advise to not change those settings often.


Coming from experience, I couldn’t decide which url I wanted to use for my website. I changed it three times and Google put my GMB into jail for a few days until I got ahold of them to appeal my jail time. It wasn’t that hard but don’t change often.


Google will also use all this information to confirm what the rest of the web world is saying that your contact information is.


Outside of GMB, you need to make sure that your contact information is on as many platforms (including your own website) that you could possibly have. This will show SERP like Google that your business is real and it is active. Google really does not like to rank businesses that are not active.

7.  Share your monthly offers and updates

That’s right! You can post on your GMB about any monthly offers that you have for the month. One piece of advice is to do a quick keyword research when you are posting anything but especially when you are posting discounts. You want the maximum amount of exposure to this post so you want to have keywords that people will search for often and be able to see your offer.

For example:

One of my clients has a roofing company in Texas, they are constantly paying attention to the weather and if they see that there is some hail or high winds coming to the area. They will let me know and I will post on GMB an offer of “Free Roof inspection for hail damage” so when people start searching after the hail damage, they will come up in the search engine or Maps and they will get the call instead of the other companies.

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8.  You can share any upcoming events

Do you have a really cool event that you want customers to come into? Post it on your GMB. You can add a description with a date and time and you can even invite people to the GMB post.

9.  Earn Trust from paying customers

People ultimately love Google. Most people will use the verb “google it” so do you think that if they see that you are listed on Google that they won’t immediately trust you? Before I started my career in SEO, I would think that if they are Google that means that they are a trusted business. That was before I knew that anyone could make a business, but I know that I am not the only consumer that thinks that.

10.  Increase traffic and sales

10.  Increase traffic and sales

As explained, have a GMB will ultimately increase your monthly revenue. Unlike most social media post, every single GMB post will have a Call to Action. Google is trying to get people into your business and they are wanting you to be successful.


Check out Google’s newest algorithm update going into effect during the summer of 2021. Studies have reported that 90% of websites in the top 20 will fail the requirements.

11.  Networking opportunities

Other business to business operations will find you through GMB to offer you partnership and networking opportunities. Many businesses do not have a website so it can be difficult to network with other business owners so GMB is a great free opportunity to be able to do that.

12.  This is the future

GMB is considered the future of online marketing when it comes down to local marketing. There is no better software or website that will be able to market your business completely for free.


Many other local directories require you to purchase plans to be able to post on their platforms. Google is not that way. They want all of the people to be on Google so they made sure that all of their tools are completely free for all business owners.


Most of my clients will come to me without a GMB and they are struggling or bleeding money because they are trying to market their business. There have been many times once I optimize their GMB that they will see a significant increase to their sales practically overnight


The best thing about GMB is that Google is constantly scanning their listings and ranking them faster than they would when you have a website. Just think about the numbers here, there are a lot less Businesses listed on GMB then there are websites. Not all websites are for businesses. They make sure that they are constantly scanning so they can have the most updated information about local businesses.


Now that you understand the importance of GMB, it is time to optimize your GMB so you can benefit from all of the above points. Unfortunately, if you do not completely fill out your GMB correctly that Google loves then you will not rank on the local 3 maps. There is no 4th place on Google. You want to be on the top 3.


I have a fool proof method that I cultivated over the years to optimize GMB as Google currently wants their GMB to be cultivated.