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Web design

Our Portfolio

  • Affordable and transparent web design solutions

  • Innovative, data-driven approaches

  • Comprehensive service offerings

  • Emphasis on customer experience (CX)

  • Educational resources and DIY packages

  • Strategic growth and continuous innovation

  • Customer-centric approach and effective communication

  • Flexible and transparent pricing strategies

  • Lowest Package: Custom 3-page website with one landing page and one email automation. Price: $1500.

  • Mid Package: Custom 5-page website with one landing page and one 2-step email automation. Price: $2500 - $3000.

  • High Package: Comprehensive 5-page custom website with two sales landing pages and two 2-step email automations per landing page. Price: $6400 - $7000.


My Workflow

2-5 days

Planning and Strategy

  • Brand Mood and Buyer Persona: Defining the brand's visual and tonal direction and creating detailed buyer personas to guide design and content.

  • Website Template or New Website Bare Bones Approval: Selecting and approving a template or the basic structure of a new custom website.

2-3 weeks

Project Initiation

  • Market Research: Understanding the client's industry, target audience, and competition to inform design and functionality decisions.

  • Customer Experience (CX) Journey Report and Recommendations: Analyzing and mapping the customer journey to identify opportunities for engagement and conversion improvements.

  • CX Journey Map: Visualizing the customer's interaction with the website to ensure a seamless experience.

2-5 days

Content Creation

  • Content Creation: Developing text, images, videos, and other content that will populate the website.

  • Landing Page and Email Automation Creation: Designing a custom landing page and setting up basic email automation to engage visitors and capture leads.

1- 2 weeks

Edits and Approval

  • Content Approval: Reviewing and approving all website content to ensure it aligns with the brand and marketing goals.

  • Edits and Approval: Making necessary revisions and obtaining final approval from the client.

1- 2 weeks

Project Handoff

  • Project Handoff: Delivering the completed website to the client, along with any necessary training or documentation.

  • Upsell Opportunity: Identifying and offering additional services or enhancements to further improve the client's digital presence.

1 week

My mission is to democratize the digital presence for small businesses and startups by providing affordable, transparent, and comprehensive web design and digital marketing solutions. Their approach centers around driving growth, fostering memorable customer experiences, and ensuring data security and privacy in all operations, thereby building lasting trust with their clients​​​​.​

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