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10 different websites, which one do you need?

Updated: Dec 19, 2022

The digital age is here folks, so many people use their phone's to find new restaurants, nearby gas station, automotive shop and so many more. Paying attention to these digital trends are essential to growing a business in the 21st century. As a smart business owner, I'm sure you understand the importance but which website should you make?

Each website should be completely custom for your audience and your business presence. Every website is like it's own snowflake. The website needs to scream your business.

Word of caution: there are many web design corporations that will make you a website that is just a copy of template. I understand that to some that is okay with them but individuality stands out the most!

As a business owner, you need to be familiar with the many different types of websites in order to find the perfect website for your needs or business. Being aware of what your competition is doing well and doing poorly is crucial to this decision.

Here are the X different websites:

While attempting to categorize websites, understand that this is an imperfect list due to a lot of overlap. Some client's like to mix and match website types.

1. Magazine Website

This website usually has tons of informational articles, pictures and now videos. In the past 20 years or so, most magazines have be strictly printed but we are now seeing a shift into the digital world.

When building a magazine website you may want to start with a very traditional layout. Wix has an amazing selection of templates for magazine websites that could help you fill everything out. You want to make sure that your posts are on the home page and it's easy to access.

Urban Omnibus is a great example for a magazine website.

2. E-commerce

Unless you don't believe in computers, phones or technology, you more than likely have shopped on an e-commerce store. Amazon and etsy are very good examples of an e-commerce website. Basically, you can shop on the website and then it is delivered to your home. It's very convenient and I love them.

Unless you plan on selling things online, e-commerce probably isn't for you.

3. Blog

Oh, the misunderstood blog website. A blog will consist of tons of articles with pictures and videos. Blog's started as a very laid back way of communicating about your personal life with other people. That may still be the case but a lot of smart people are making blogs make them money! How? By using affiliate marketing within their blog posts.

A well established blog can also show your credibility not only to people but to Google. Search Engines want to see a huge link tree going in and out of your website.

This can be very cumbersome for a business owner with an already stretched bandwidth. However, having a blog can make or break your website rankings. That is why many business owners hire SEO Consultants like myself so they do not have to worry about blogs.

4. Portfolio Websites

Many artist, freelancers or consultants and models usually have a portfolio website. This is a place for anyone to show off what they do well to attract new clients or employers. This website is a lot simpler to create than many website types on this blog.

One of my client's has a portfolio website for the launch of his new memoir.

5. Business Website

I work mainly with this type of website. Every single business NEEDS a website!! There are so many people looking for your services are going online to find the nearest business. If you do not have a website, you will be missing out on a lot of that business. It is also beginning to be expected by consumers. If you do not have a website to inform them more about your services or products, you might not look trust worthy and lose sales.

Wix offers a lot of great opportunities for business owners to create a website with pictures of their products or services. I am a partner and expert with WIX, if you need any assistance feel free to email me.

This type of website will include ways to purchase something or schedule an appointment. It can possibly also have a blog of it's own. I encourage all of my client's to start a blog. It helps build your credibility.

6. Brochure and Catalogue websites

This is a simplified version of the classic business website. It is a cost efficient way of creating an online presence without paying a lot for it. Usually this consists of 3 pages: Home Page, Services Page (without ability to schedule appointment) and About Page.

I love brochure websites for new websites. This get's you through the door to build your online credibility and you can use all the money coming from the website to finance a bigger and better website for late.

7. Non-profit websites

A non-profit website is very similar to a business website. This is the easiest way to consolidate the donations to the business and increases their online presence.

Note: To take donations through the website, you’ll have to take some of the same steps that the owners of eCommerce sites do. In particular, make sure you get an SSL certificate to make sure all payments are secure, and set up a merchant account so that you can accept credit card payments.

8. Educational websites

Day care for infants all the way to college will need this type of website. A website will help assist in filling out crucial paperwork, applying for private education or colleges and allows the ability to pay tuition.

You will also notice that some educational websites, especially college websites, will have additional information about activities in the area. They will promote their own activities like organized sports, band, groups and student council.

9. Lead Generation websites

This is becoming a huge thing for entrepreneurs who want to use their knowledge of website but sell the leads to local business owners.

Basically this website has forms to fill out, as well as the phone number of whatever company that is taking the leads. Not all lead generation websites are for just one company, some will send leads to multiple companies. One famous lead generation website is called and ContactOut.

10. Event Websites

Imagine the city has hired a company that is creating the longest slip n slide and they want people to purchase tickets before the event even starts. They promote the event on social media, ad spends and other channels. They would need a website to promote the event.

Some people chose to make a website for their RSVP for their weddings. They can post pictures of the engagement and talk about their relationship journey. It's very cute.

Leave a comment below about which website do you have or do you think you need to have.

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