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8 Popular Types of Websites You Can Create

Updated: Jan 6, 2022

We all know that the internet is nothing but a group of different websites. Websites are collections of web pages connected through hyperlinks. However, it is publicly accessible to everyone.

There is a wide variety of websites. According to statistics, there are 1.7 billion websites available online. If you search anything on Google, a particular website will appear in front of you. Different categories of websites are generic; for example, educational, business, sports, and other websites keep going.

Websites were written in programming languages like HTML and JAVA. One web page of a website connected with another through hyperlinks. There are no limitations on website content. Write, insert, and draw whatever you want.

Impact of websites

Websites are significant for business. Here we are not specifying Local or Online business because both types require an online webpage explaining owner services to the user. If you are running an online business or have an online shop, websites play an essential role in increasing audience traffic.


The Homepage is known as the front page of your website. A person who visits a website will first look at the homepage. The purpose of the homepage is to grab the audience's attention to investigate more profound aspects of your website.

In constructing a homepage, its function should not be neglected. Try to use such a layout that matches your business theme. Add such eye-catchers, which increase the interest of easter towards your website.

Types of Websites

1. Personal Website:

Personal websites are web pages created by an individual. The content of a personal website is about individual interests, activities, and experiences rather than a company or organization. It can be used for personalized marketing or at places where you want to showcase your expertise.

2. Business Website:

The business website is used to provide information about your business. It describes your services in detail so that users must know what they can get through a particular platform.

3. Non-profit websites:

Non- profit website's purpose is to bring people towards their organization. Most charity works are promoted on websites. The non-profit organization shows their work on websites that force people to be a part of them.

4. Infopreneur Website:

Infopreneur website is one where people share their life stories and how they used their knowledge to make something that produces money for them. You will find many biographies of many Entrepreneurs on the website.

5. Magazine:

There was a time when we had to buy different magazines from libraries. But now, digital libraries have made their place. Magazines fall in the educational website category. It is a group of informative articles. Magazine websites must maintain their layout throughout time. Therefore, a magazine website must ensure that its layout will display in front of them whenever a user visit.

Readability matters a lot in magazine websites. So, while designing a website, do not overwhelm the readability of content.

6. E-commerce Websites

E-commerce websites are built for online shops. People can buy different things on E-commerce websites. Building such websites require slightly more effort. It requires a logistics record, stock updates, user address and related stuff.

An e-commerce website should update their websites according to the launch of new staff coming into the market. To keep track of such things is especially important because your website is your brand face. For example, Amazon is the biggest online shop. You can find a wide range of products on the Amazon website.

7. Portfolio Website

Portfolio websites are for artists, designers and people who want to showcase their amazing work. Those who are highly creative and imaginative ideas emerge in their mind using portfolio websites. You do not have to flood up the website with all your designs, instead just represent your best work best.

Hence, portfolio websites need to be stylish. Drafts is a prominent example of portfolio websites. This website contains an unlimited range of graphic designs, the dashboard on UX pages.

8. Social Media websites

Social media is quite common nowadays. At present, 3.96 billion people use social media. Some use it for entertainment and some use it to progress their career. Many people advertise their business through social media websites or refer to "page". If you want to represent your business to local people, the easiest way is to make your business page on any social media platform like Facebook, Instagram, or LinkedIn.

Types of websites have been mentioned above. We have seen that a website is not just a web page loaded with content, but it represents a particular brand. If you want a website that can be your perfect representative, visit J & K online development. J & K build highly optimized websites for their clients. So, try J & K online development for an experience of amazing websites.

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