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SEO Tricks make browsing impossible for visually impaired

John Mueller shared on Mastodon this week, that he met with someone who relies on screen readers to consume the web. And he explained to him how old-school SEO tricks make reading the web using screen readers, well let's just say, not pleasant. This is actually a big problem for search engine optimization and making sure your content is more accessible to everyone.

So, what can you do? Well... it's a little tricky because SEO is often done without screen reader friendliness in mind.

John said that some of the old SEO tricks like keyword stuffing and dropping alt text in small invisible images with keywords, and that type of stuff, just made it hard or impossible for those using screen readers. John said "hearing how the old-school #SEO tricks like #keyword-stuffing in #alt-text & for 1px images, and variations of hidden text (size, color, off-screen) are a part of their normal online life was pretty sad (and yes, I also made some pages like that back in the day). Just imagine what you'd think of the SEO world if that's SEO for you..."

Every client that I create a website for or maintain a website, I always highly recommend to add AudioEye onto their website. Did you know that there is over 1.3 million people with some degree of visual impairment? It only costs $49 a month, you can make that easily by just one visually impaired person purchasing something off your website.

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