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Does your website show up on Search Engine Result Pages? Let's fix it together.

Updated: Jan 4, 2023

Starting the summer of 2021, Google has been slowly updating their core algorithm and adding additional algorithms such as New Page Experience and Link Spam with one sole purpose. They want to help searchers find the best website's for each search query, gone are the days of scrolling through the different pages of Google.

As a business owner, you have to be on the first page of Google to be seen and Google is making it harder on you. You simply can't have a website and hope that your website ends up on the first page of Google. If you want to get more people on your website from organic searches, you need to learn more about Search Engine Optimization or hire an SEO Consultant or agency to steer your website in the right direction.

This is going to be the first article about how I (Kasi, owner of J&K Online Development) work through my different client's websites to fix the small, technical SEO issues you might encounter while optimizing your own website.

It has been a fast change for Google over this past year and even faster change for myself as I adapt for my clients and figure out these new analytic features they were looking for. For example, the New Page Experience focuses on each of your website loading in less than 2.5 secs. This is called Largest Contentful Paint (LCP) the time it takes for a browser to load the largest block of content on each page.

Many things can impact how quickly your website loads, such as:

  • Unused JavaScript: Your website is made out of a coded language and JavaScript is a scripting language that enables you to create dynamically updating content (blog post), control multimedia (YouTube), animate images and pretty much anything else that is interactive on your website.

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  • Preload Largest Contentful Paint image: At times, important resources that are declared or used in a certain CSS or JavaScript file may be fetched later than you would like. If you know what you want to show your customers and Google first, you can prioritize the loading.

  • Defer offscreen images: Consider lazy-loading offscreen and hidden images after all critical resources have finished loading to lower time to interactive.

Now to some all of this is a second language and it was to me for a very long time. To be honest, there are some things that I just learn on the job. As I have built my agency and client list there have been a lot of problems that I had to Google or even took a class on to learn.

I have learned with web design and search engine optimization, you will never know everything. Afterall, we are talk about Google. Do you remember how Google used to look even just 10 years ago? It is constantly evolving and we as business owners have to evolve with it.

Now let's get into fixing my client's website so the algorithm gods will shine bright on them. Aka, let's get them higher on those search engine result pages.

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Owner, Kasi Drummer

I help small and medium business owners compete with big corporations by teaching them know how to use search engines like Google and/or creating a Search Engine Optimization dynamic monthly plan.

There are more than 1 billion searches made on Google every day, and only 5% of those searches are for local businesses.


This means that people can find your business but they won't be finding it on the first page of their search.


I show you exactly why this happens, how to fix it, and what you need to do so that your small or medium sized company can compete with corporate giants.

Hey folks, I'm Kasi Drummer the owner of J&K Online Development. I want to bring you information to get your website in front of more people and how to nurture your relationships with your customers.

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