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Is your domain pulling in the right website traffic?

Updated: Jan 13, 2022

Is a domain name just a word used for a website? Can a domain name really make or break a business's SEO?

Domain names are words that can be used as an address for websites.

Domain names are not just any word, they make or break your business. When starting a business it is crucial to build an online presence that will effectively convey the brand of the company to the customer. Specifically, this means you must buy a domain name that compliments your company and builds credibility with the customer and increases traffic on your site.

Choosing your domain name

With your domain name, you have an online presence and can build your company's credibility. Domain names are used on company sites and to get email addresses. These are necessary for companies to grow their business and expand. This has become extremely important in the current market seeing as most businesses use the internet as a means of advertisement.

The value of a domain name must be taken into consideration when building a website for a company or corporation.

1. Choose a Keyword Domain

My first piece of advice for my client's is to chose a keyword over your company's name unless all of the keywords that are broad enough have too much competition than stick with branding. You will want to choose a keyword that has tons of volume but low Keyword Difficulty.

For example, one of my client's Friendly Meadows, decided to use "Grain Cleaner" in their URL as that would pull more organic traffic than their brand name.

2. Avoid Hyphens and numbers

Many websites find it difficult to rank on search engines. The most common mistake that many website owners make is failing to use hyphens or numbers in their domain name. Hyphens are usually replaced by underscores, and a number is usually replaced with a letter or hyphen according to the alphabetical order. Unfortunately, this has caused many search engines such as Google to lower the rankings of websites containing hyphens or numbers. This in turn can hurt your SEO, or Search Engine Optimization, which is key to ecommerce in 2021.

3. Purchasing an old website domain

Sometimes creating a completely new URL isn't the best if you have tons of competition or if you just want to get ahead of the game. You can buy URL's on GoDaddy's domain auction. I would look into the background of each URL before you decide on one. Make sure it has good backlinks and hasn't been doing any Black Hat SEO.

4. Make it Marketable

It builds credibility for the potential customers who will see that you have taken the time and care to buy a domain name. It shows that you are serious about your business and are willing to invest in it. The phrase "A company without a website is like a man without legs", is becoming more and more true every day. In today's society, it's all about being online! People want to be able to find you that way, so make it easy for them.

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