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Updated: Jan 6, 2022

Google Page Experience Update
90% of websites in the top 20 of a search query on Google will fail this new update

As Google Prepares to roll out their new algorithm update 'Page Experience" that will ultimate judge how user friendly a website is. Google has been trying to rank websites that have value for the user for awhile and this is a part of that journey. They are making sure that the websites that are in the first page are relevant and enjoyable to be on.

This update will be going into effect over the summer starting in June. Google will crawl all the websites over the summer with the new Web Cite Vital bots, after the crawl is complete they will build a list of websites by their new ranking standards. The lists will go into effect in August. Anyone who has a website needs to read this report to make sure that their website is updated. If you do not update, your website will likely rank lower and lower in SERP and no one will be able to find your website.

Google announced:

"We'll begin using page experience as part of our ranking systems beginning in mid-June 2021. However, page experience won't play its full role as part of those systems until the end of August. You can think of it as if you're adding a flavoring to a food you're preparing. Rather than add the flavor all at once into the mix, we'll be slowly adding it all over this time period."

It's important to note that the Page Experience update will see three major vitals that you need to pay attention to. There are going to be a lot of abbreviations, if you know anything about SEO you know we love to abbreviate. Google says that these three vitals are the key to a perfect user experience. Basically, you need to make sure that all your graphics are loading quickly, your whole website is loading quickly and ensure that your buttons and internal links are stable.

You can think of an SEO audit as an evaluation of a website that grades the site based on how it appears in Search Engine Results Page (SERP). Ranking in any SERP requires a lot of different factors including backlink health, page health, keyword difficulty and many others.

Three Website Vitals in Page Experience Google Update

1. Largest Contentful Paint (LCP)

This element measures your page loading performance, including picture, video and any other graphic. Google says that in order to provide a good user experience your website pages need to load within 2.5 seconds.

Check out these free tools to check if your website page is loading within Google's new timeframe. If it isn't, you need to get a website audit quick!

2. First Input Delay (FID)

Similar to LCP, FID measure how long it takes for your page to become interactive, so users can click and search. Google says that websites should strive to have an FID of less than 100 milliseconds.

3. Cumulative Layout Shift (CLS)

This element measures visual stability. For example, have you ever gone to a website and when you try to click on something it suddenly shifts? That's what you need to try to prevent. You can fix this by downloading DevTools for Chrome, it will help you figure out where your website is moving at. You can also simply open up the website and interact with it like a user.

"​While this update is designed to highlight pages that offer great user experiences, page experience remains one of many factors our systems take into account. Given this, sites generally should not expect drastic changes. In addition, because we're doing this as a gradual rollout, we will be able to monitor for any unexpected or unintended issues."

To help website owners, Google has supplied its own report to help us update your website. Check out the new Page Experience Report, which combines it's existing Core Web Vitals report to outline potential issues.

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