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Google Core Update September 2022

Updated: Nov 26, 2022

Google announced a Core Algorithm Update on September 12, 2022. The official Google list of announced updates stated that it will take up to two weeks to finish rolling out.

The initial response from the SEO community was generally positive except for some affiliate marketing groups on Facebook.

Google Search Ranking Updates have September updates in the list alongside the newest October Spam Update that we will cover in another article coming soon.

What are Core Updates?

The core updates algorithm changes are designed to make sure our search engine delivers the most helpful and reliable results for searchers. This means that if you’re seeing a decrease in your site’s traffic, or an increase in your site’s traffic after one of these updates, it doesn't necessarily mean that you have done anything wrong.

As these updates are rolled out, we encourage you to watch for signals that the traffic has changed, and to look at the specifics of your situation. But if there’s no change in traffic, don’t worry – just keep working on your site.

Google uses signals that may not be obvious to understand how a particular site is performing in search results, as well as how a change in rankings appears to affect traffic.

Will the Core Update change anything to the Helpful Content Update that was released August 2022?

Google Search’s helpful content update generates a signal used by our automated ranking systems to better ensure people see original, helpful content written by people, for people, in search results. This page explains more about how the update works, and what you can do to assess and improve your content.

About the update: Google Search’s helpful content update, which recently rolled out globally to users worldwide, is a feature designed to help people find engaging and quality information in search results. The update uses a signal we created using signals from original links pointing to pages that are relevant to the search query and are thoughtfully designed with that intent in mind.

That being said, Danny Sullivan tweeted a general response that basically said "maybe.." as core updates focus on updating everything. That's why this is called a core update.

How do I update my website?

The first thing you can do is run a Lighthouse Report under the Developer Tools in Chrome. You will be able to see how your website's performance, accessibility, best practices, SEO and Progressive Web App has changed.

Really the only way to know if this affects you is if you see a dip in your organic traffic and try to change anything that comes up on the reports. This is a way to use Growth Marketing to keep up with your marketing efforts.

Google fights against Spammy Websites

Do you hate going to a website and there are just pop-ups, videos, and useless information? Well Google has noticed and has done something about it. Check out the October Spam Update now.

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