Google publishes Help Docs: Best Practices For E-commerce in Google Search

Updated: Jan 6

Google has announced a new best practices for any e-commerce to rank well in their SERPs. This is heaven-set for all my DIY business owners out there. The docs include how to build the best possible e-commerce site for Google search, topics include:

  • Where ecommerce content can appear on Google. Understand the different surfaces and structures of SERPs.

  • Share your product data with Google. You can decide to share your product data in hopes that they will rank it higher based on design, usefulness and marketability.

  • Include structured data relevant to ecommerce. Google bots are AI machines designed by humans, they are only going to read specific structured data that YOU give it. You can make it easier on Google if you structure your website a certain way.

  • How to launch a new ecommerce website.

  • Designing a URL structure for ecommerce. Many of my clients have issues with crawling and URL CNAME structures. Google is providing what the best approach to avoid such common errors.

Check out their best practices for e-commerce now.

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