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October 2022 Google Spam Update

Updated: Nov 26, 2022

Google is slowly rolling out a new update that started in the middle of October to help against Spammy Websites. It took about a week to fully come into play but it is officially active.

Google writes:

“While Google’s automated systems to detect search spam are constantly operating, we occasionally make notable improvements to how they work. When we do, we refer to this as a spam update and share when they happen on our list of Google Search ranking updates. For example, SpamBrain is our AI-based spam-prevention system. From time-to-time, we improve that system to make it better at spotting spam and to help ensure it catches new types of spam. Sites that see a change after a spam update should review our spam policies to ensure they are complying with those. Sites that violate our policies may rank lower in results or not appear in results at all. Making changes may help a site improve if our automated systems learn over a period of months that the site complies with our spam policies.”

Are you noticing a dip in your site traffic since mid-October?

You might be in violation of Google's Spam Policies. Make sure that you or your agency that your website isn't violation by fully reading their Spam policies for Google web search.

If you do not have any agency, please fill out the form below for a free audit and a consultation. Do not waste precious time and money on not being Search Engine Optimized. Your rankings will dip lower and lower the longer you don't address this issue.

Is your website up to date?

Google makes changes to their core algorithm this September 2022. There is no official list of changes as it was a general core update but makes sure your SEO agency runs a report to make sure nothing needs to be changed.

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