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HIPCAMP: Land Sharing Opportunity

Updated: Nov 26, 2022

On a summer day, I was idly surfing the internet and stumbled onto Hipcamp. "This is going to be fantastic!" I thought.

I clicked around the site, browsing through their campsite offerings and trying to imagine myself sitting by an open fire with my partner on someone's land in the middle of nature. That night, I made my own reservation! The next day, we showed up with our RV to our new home in the woods of North California for the next week. It was different than being in an RV Campground and was enjoyable for a temporary period.

As more people are opting to live the nomad lifestyle, there are a lot of very cool websites coming out to help facilitate people who have land that are willing to share their property temporarily with these campers. In 2013 HIPCAMP was founded and has grown to be one of the preferred ways to camp. This is not an online reservation system for RV Parks but for home owners who have a big piece of land that is mainly natural who wants to make an extra $1,000+ per month.

Before we get into talking about this RV Park Online Reservation System, if you use my referral code below or click on this link you can get $100 credit with them when you start hosting today.


What is HIPCAMP?

Hipcamp is a growing community of good-natured people and the most comprehensive resource for unique outdoor stays. By connecting people with the land and each other, Hipcamp works to support those who care for the land and get more people out under the stars. We do this because we believe humans in nature bring out the best of human nature.

Does your property qualify?

Hipcamp features simple plots of land, developed cabins, and everything in between. No matter what you have, you’re ready to get started today.

Toilets aren’t required on properties larger than 20 acres or on those offering only dry camping for self-contained RVs. You do need a toilet if you have a smaller property and intend to host tent campers. This ensures that Hipcampers dispose of human waste in a way that’s good for the environment and compliant with local laws. Not sure? Start by offering RV camping only and no toilet is required!

Check out the rest of their requirements here.

How does it work?

Hipcamp is an online booking platform where campers, glampers, RVers, and outdoor enthusiasts can find unique outdoor stays on private land. Landowners earn extra monthly income by hosting Hipcampers for overnight stays, and all you need is a flat piece of land and access to the great outdoors to start earning.

Starting a listing is completely free and easy—it only takes minutes from start to publish. You set your own rules, pricing, and offerings with the ability to block important dates and build your ideal hosting schedule so you only host Hipcampers when you want. Hosts can set up direct deposit or PayPal to automatically receive earnings every week.

Are you ready to host first camper on Hipcamp?

Make sure to use my referral code to get $100 when you have your first camper check in. It's the easier $100 you'll make!


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