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How to rank higher on Google

Updated: Jan 13, 2022

Small business owners usually ask this question, how to rank higher on google? To explain this query, let's first discuss why it is essential to rank top on Google?

According to statistics, websites that rank on top get 33% of audience traffic, the second position gets 18%, and the percentage decreases when we go down. There is a direct relation between profit and audience traffic. Websites ranked by SERP on top of search engines earn a profit, audience traffic, and reliability. Let's discuss each benefit of getting to the top of google in detail:

The profit margin will increase

If SERP ranks your website on top, users will check you out first. As a result, the chances of your sale will increase, which automatically adds profit to your wallet.

Increase audience traffic

For instance, when a customer searches for "best website developer," SERP will display top-rank web developer sites. As a result, 99.9% of users will view top ranking sites compared to a second or third one. Therefore, the audience traffic will increase.

Reliability of website

Usually, search engine algorithms are designed to rank only those websites on top, which fulfill all the critical factors of an optimized website. It is evident; top rank websites are more credible than others. When users see you ranking at a first position, they develop a positive image of your service at the back of mind. It brings credibility to your work and, ultimately, business success.

How to rank higher on google? If you want to increase google ranking fast, you must ask yourself many questions like where am I ranked on google now? Where does my website rank in google?

To get to the top of Google, you need to follow the below-mentioned steps:

Work on your On-site SEO

On-site SEO is about content-related keywords, title tags, meta-data, and related stuff. You have to optimize your website so that every sentence of content relates to user demand—techniques for making the best On-site SEO.

Add the keyword in your title tag

Search engines work on algorithms. These algorithms give better ratings to websites which represent their keyword in the beginning.

Increase content quantity

To achieve a fast rank, you must have to provide satisfaction to your customers. Therefore, cover every aspect of the user's query to find answers to every question from your website. Plus, according to statistics, those websites rank higher whose content quantity is more elevated.

Add LSI Keyword

LSI keywords are supported phrases or words which match with your content. It's an alerts technique that helps search engine bots to sort websites properly. Search engines not only look for well-known phrases but also check out the related text. It gives the search engine a surety that website content is wholly related to user desire.

Link building

If you want to make yourself reliable in front of users, adding links known as URLs is the best choice. Keep in mind; these links must match with your content.

Work on Technical SEO

Most people usually use their mobile to surf online. Unfortunately, there are a bunch of websites that are not mobile optimized. It is the biggest drawback which lacks ranking on top. So, a perfect website must keep in mind the contents of technical SEO as well.


If you also have a question, how to rank higher on google? The steps mentioned above will solve your problem. But if you want some professional who can build such websites for you which get to the top of Google quickly, then J&K online development is the best choice. Get pretty, Fully optimized, top-ranking websites by J&K online development.

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