October 2021 Google Update Report

Updated: Jan 6

Many website owners and SEO agencies have been waiting to see if there will be an official announcement of a new search engine algorithm update, it seems that we are still not getting exact answers. Let's talk about what we do know.

This month, Search Engine Round Table held a huge event where they asked Google questions about any upcoming algorithm updates. They assured us that the Page Experience Update is now fully live, AND they are tweaking around 200+ ranking signals going forward this year.

They did confirm that big changes did hit around October 6th but they also provided a ton of SEO tips including e-commerce best practices guide. Google also said some lead generation forms can confuse Google.

We also know that Google is changing titles in SERPs with little clarification form the company. Many website owners will have more than one H1 tag on each page (big no, no), so it could be that Google's bots are confused if the titles are not manually entered.

We also noticed a significant spike downward in Webmaster World on October 2nd and 3rd but still no official announcement of what this was from Google.

It is only the middle of October so it looks like we are in a wait and see moment.

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