Google Promotes Pointy From Google In Business Profiles

Pointy is a HUGE deal for brick and mortar stores get above e-commerce websites. Pointy attracts local shoppers to your store by showing them what you sell.

It's easy to add product inventory. Pointy from Google can be used in any language the Google Business Profile supports. Product inventory allows consumers to find products they need when they are in your store. So you can get more customers through the door! Check out this video for a quick demo of Pointy from Google.

Only eligible retailers will be able to apply and display their products. I would suggest that you upload some pictures of your products on your business profile. They have not given any pointers as of the publication of this blog post but I'd imagine that they would need to see your products to decide if you are eligible.

Make sure that you post a description of the product with keywords but you can optimize your Business Profile after applying for Pointy. You can find great keywords on SEMRush, if you sign up today you can get 7 days for free.

Check if Pointy will work for your store.

You will need for simple information to apply: Store name, email address, your name and your phone number. A Pointy representative may follow up with you.

Easily get your products online

By scanning your products at your store will automatically add them to a Pointy Page for your store.

Scanning products to automatically add them to a Pointy Page for your store is a really easy way to set up your Pointy Page. It's a tool that enables our customers to manage their product inventory and all the information about their business from one place.

You will need to ensure that the platform you use as your commerce platform that you have a title, description and picture of each of your items.

Pointy Pages work even if you don't have any information on hand, though you can always add details later as part of our automated services.

Customers can see what's in your store in real time

Your business profile on Google already shows all your important business information but now your customers can see all your current products.

Local Inventory Ads

Want to get more people in your store? It's easy. All you need to do is put yourself high in the search results, and do it with very little fuss. Scripted product ads that show up on the first page of Google search results are a very effective way to increase your store's foot traffic. Pointy will assist making the inventory ads a whole lot easier of a process. This way when people are searching for products, they will see local ads first before online.

Retailer dashboard

For brands with physical stores, data can be difficult to come by. However, there are many great tools that capture valuable insights about how your store is doing, and offer specific metrics on your top products and shoppers who visit your store. This dashboard includes insights for brick-and-mortar retailers about shopper engagement, customer buying patterns by product category, and real-time sales stats.

I am personally very excited about this program coming out, we have been in quarantine for so long and e-commerce has been the preferred method to purchase things. This has been very harming for well established brick and mortar stores but the power is now back in their hands.

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