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The most trusted RV Park Review Site: RV LIFE

Updated: Nov 26, 2022

Is there anything more frustrating than trying to find new customers and then waiting weeks for them to come through your doors? The good news is that getting listed on different websites with reviews can help you to take advantage of the internet by creating a hub for people looking for information and opinions about your business. To start getting those reviews, it's important that you know how to get listed on websites like RV Life Campgrounds. Here are some tips!

Claim Your Campground

Your first step is to get your campground onto the app to start getting reviews, this is the case for almost every review site like Google, Yelp, and many more. You want to have full control over the appearance and reputation of your RV Campground. To claim your campground and access page management tools visit the listing page for your park and click on the "claim" link in the upper right hand corner.

Fill out your Campground Profile

So many people miss this step for many different review sites. By filling out a description that is enriched with great keywords and adding images to your profile, you will pull more traffic to your profile. You will want to make sure that the photos are high quality and you are answering all of the possible questions people might have about your campground. What type of electricity do you have available? Do you charge for electric? Do you have a sewer connection at every site or do you have a dumping service? Do you hold events at your campground? What type of vibe does your campground bring?

You want to put as much information on your profile so you can convert that traffic into a paying customer. When I am trying to find the next campground I look at all of this information before I book any trip. If people are RVing or camping at least part time, they will have a preference. My partner and I like shaded RV Parks that are closer to a city than in a national park. I look for all of that information and look at pictures before I book anything.

Start asking for reviews

Speaking of reviews, do not be shy to ask how their trip went. You will need to have your staff make a habit of it verbally, you want it on your paperwork, and you will want to text and email them after they leave. With our Customer Voice App, you will be able to turn your campers experience into stars. You can send automated text and email after they leave and if you don't get a review you will automatically send a follow up email. All without you even having to touch a keyboard.

I recommend sending a text at 4 pm, if they leave at the latest check out time of noon perhaps they would be at either their mid point of travel or already at their next location.

You will want to send the email at night or even the next morning. Thank them in this email and ask them if they would like to sign up for email notifications for special events. You will want to update this email often to include a sneak peak or have a widget inside the email that will update on any events in the future.

You will also want to add in this email if the camper did not have a great time to contact you first before reviewing because you can not ask on RV Life for people to edit or remove their rating. Get ahead of the issue.


One of the biggest things I see most of my clients do is not replying to reviews. This is so incredibly important for your reputation but also for SEO purposes. These review sites pay attention to how active you are on their websites and will rank you accordingly. The faster the better. Our Reputation Management App will help you monitor every review website in one location, you can even set up to main keywords and number of stars and it will automatically reply back for you.

This is great for 5 star ratings. With 5 star ratings it is rare that there is anything that you would like to address outside of thanking them for their stay and perhaps mentioning a return camper discount if you do that. You can even have a 5 star prompt saved and add any personal touches to it. The app will notify you anytime you get a review.

For anything lower than a 5, you will want to personally address these people. You cannot contact the camper if they are reviewing on RV Life (it goes against their privacy rules) but you do want to address any issues and even ask them to contact you to figure something out. Maybe you can give them a discount for their next trip or even a free day or two.

Contact me for a free consultation

I have tons more information for you but every park is different so set an appointment with me and we will get your RV Campground in working order!

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