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Service Area on Google Business has been updated!

When Stefan Somborac added service areas to his Google Business Profile, he was offered a list of suggested service areas based on the region in which his company is located. But beware: these suggestions are not based on the location of your business. They are based on your current location!

We spotted this little trick when we added a service area to our Google Business Profile. We received a list of suggested locations. However, they were based on our current location, while they should have been based on the location of our company.

When you create your Google Business Profile, you're asked to add service areas . I was also asked to select a service area from a list of suggested choices. To do so, I clicked on where I'm located on the provided map, which took me to my city and country selection for the chosen region in which my business is located [again, NOT my current location].

So just be careful when clicking on the suggested service areas, make sure the business actually can service those areas.

Here's his screenshot:

We can update your Google Business Profile to be in your service area. Click the link below to schedule your confirmation appointment.

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