For all my DIY small business owners, I have made website templates for any niche. Pre-made and incredibly easy to publish.

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Find the template you like the most, make sure to look at the website live. There's only so many words a picture can say. Add it to your cart.

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Once you are in the check out, make sure that you fill out the email address correctly. This is the email address you will be receiving the invitation to the template. 


Step 3:

Wait for the email for your invite, it might take a few minutes to get this. We have not figured out how to manually do this yet. Please be patient.


Step 4:

Edit your website however you would like. Make sure you properly optimized your website for SERP. If you would like some help, sign up for my new course How to SEO like a PRO it will be officially launch by August 2021 but I am leaking content as I create it. Once you sign up, you will be subscribed to that email list to get free tips.