Over 50% of customers expect a business to have a website.

It is no secret that customer expectations for online presence are skyrocketing. These expectations are happening not just because customers want to be able to order products or services instantly, but also because they are looking for more information about your business. Today, customers demand information about how the company operates and this information should go well beyond the catalog of products/services offered.


Here are a few ways in which websites help in exchanging information:

  1. Advertisements that update customers about the latest offers on products and services

  2. Newsletters that update customers about any upcoming events and news

  3. Contact forms that invite enquiries or requests from customers

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What services do we provide?

At J&K Online Development, we offer a wide range of services but we do not have individual packages like most Search Engine Optimization Website Specialist Agency. Every business is different as are their digital needs, each price quote is completely customized to your individual needs. Many client's contact us to create a website or redesign a current website as a one time project and they manage the website after. However, you can hire us as your SEO Agency as a monthly fee. See all of the features both pricing packages below.

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